I’m a witness of God, loving husband, and passionate creator

Eyes of Faith

I’m first and foremost a witness of God (Isaiah 43:10-12). I study the Bible regularly, zealously preach of the good news of God’s kingdom (Matthew 28:19, 20) and strive to be a better and better brother and Christian every day (2 Timothy 3:16).

Loving Husband

I’m blessed beyond compare to have my wife. And I'm completely dedicated to her. I'm a luckiest man to have the most amazing woman and my best friend to marry me. We met 4 years ago by the grace of God and she has made me the happiest man alive ever since.

Making a Difference

I’m also a driven designer & developer for all things web and mobile. I’ve worked for agencies for over 10 years, and on well over 100 projects, and I have continued to fall in love with the industry. I have been able to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives and helping companies grow.

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