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Crystal-Lang - How It Compares Part 1 - Reading A CSV

Like with all new languages, newly released or newly learned, it is always wise to try to find its place in your toolbelt. I usually do that by taking typical tasks that we do and see how it helps us in those trouble areas. For instance, how does it compare as a micro-service, or working with huge data sets or files?

Tension with Quality

With every project there's a tension that all parties have to manage, and that's the tension between quailty, speed and cost. You can only make so many trade-offs in one direction or the other. And in the end, there's always compromise but how that's achieved is really important.

Pulling Locations Near A Point Performance

There are countless performance tests to compare platforms, but most aren't real-world cases. I set out to create a more real-world comparisons between two locators built in Rails and Node, and using MySQL and MongoDB for a big project coming up. The results were fascinating.

You Can Only Control Yourself

We all live and work in environments where we wish we could spark change in our world, for better or worse. But in reality, we can only incite change. We cannot control people, circumstances, processes, but we can control ourselves. And that's where change should begin.

When Performance Matters Most

When performance is a critical factor, choosing the right platform and framework can make or break the application the beginning. Knowing your tools and how to use them properly is one of the best skills you can learn. And here's a perfect example of using the right tool can make all the difference in the world.

Exposing a Module in Browserify

Have you written a library or app using Browserify as your dependency manager, but needed to use a module or method inside the generated bundle outside of the bundle itself? Find out how.

Pulling your HTML templates out of JavaScript

Being able to extract your HTML tempalte code out of your JavaScript logic makes perfect sense. But it can be a pain to do it well. If you're using Browserify, and you should, the Node Undescorify transform will make your heart rejoice with how easy it is to do and how easy it makes it to separate JS logic and HTML!

Dealing with Failure

Everyone fails in some way or another, in life, at work, it's a natural part of life due to our inherited imperfection. But there are positive ways to fail, and negative ones, and things you can do in life, and at work to remedy or slow down the path to failure.

Uploading files with Backbone and Node.JS API

Do you need to upload a file in your Backbone front-end, and pass it to your API back-end? Having trouble finding any information on uploading files in Backbone, or in AJAX in general? We'll I finally figured out a pretty slick way to do it. Check it out.

Balance Is The Key To Joy And Happiness

Our culture, especially within the web and software industry, aligns more with the thought of "work over life". So, there's a constant battle between life at work and life outside of work. How do you handle that?

How to find accessible profiles in Google Analytics API with Service Accounts

If you're using Google Service Accounts, then you might not have access to the actual login through the website, which is the easiest way to get raw profile data like the id value. But with service accounts, you typically don't have this. So, what do you do? Here's a Rails method you can drop in to get exactly what you need.

Filter out hidden pages in Sightly using JavaScript

How do you filter out pages in your navigation script, using Javascript, instead of a lengthy Java class? It's surprisingly easy!