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This is a Software as a Service product created at Warren Douglas. This is a powerful tool for many small to medium business owners who own a physical product that is sold in stores. This product solves a serious, but widely known problem that many companies in this space have when they rely on distributors to ship their product for them.

I lead and developed an intellectual property SaaS product for Warren Douglas that helps small-medium sized business to help get their products found, solving complex distribution problems. I was the project lead, technical architect and primary developer building the software in Node.JS, MongoDB, Browserify, JWT, Mocha for our microservices, SPA style architecture with supporting Go, Java APIs, Alfresco and OLAP data warehouse.

I apologize for being overly vague, but since this is intellectual property, I can't speak too deeply on this.

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I created a tool that will help automate and improve our estimation process. This is a tool that takes a variety of important parameters such as number of templates, number of pages, underlying technology, team members, components and more and calculates an approximate hours to complete the project including all of internal tasks such as meetings, research and analysis, and more. It has become a fantastic tool. Created under Warren Douglas.

I built this from the ground up. I did all of the research into processes and methodologies including COCOMO. I concepted the database architecture, researched the best technologies and executed the project using Node.JS, ExpressJS, Jade, MongoDB, Mongoose and Stylus.

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Brandaconda is a real-time user experience and user input research tool with a real-time analysis dashboard. It was built to collect insight in how an audience during an RFP presentation perceived their brands and their competitor's premium status and collect and analyze that data real-time and compare it to a separate study using a larger audience. It was to show the interactive audience how they compared with the bigger study and to discuss how all of that data affected the brand we were presenting for.

I architected the solution, the data storage, and created all of the functionality for the real-time, mobile-friendly front-end for the audience and the real-time dashboard for the presenter using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular and Firebase.

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Product Certifcate Management

We built a product certificate manager for an internationally sold product. It generated the certificate codes which vendors then fulfilled by printing off those codes and putting them in the product packaging. The software had to be able to generate millions of unique codes on command and be able to be consumed and exported from various places across the globe. The original application struggled, often taking days to generate 100,000 codes but often failing. I rewrote the software using Node.JS, taking advantage of the latest Streams library and the lean MongoDB database to provide an extremely fast software that exceeded their needs. It now generates, saves, and inboxes 5,000,000 uniqe codes in 7 minutes and can export, mark as used, and generate export files of 1,000,000 codes in 60 seconds. A vast improvement and expeded the client's workflow.

I architected the solution, the data storage, and created all of the functionality for the new certificate software using Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, and Streams 3.

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Essilor Dashboard

Essilor is an international eye lens player in the eye care industry that includes multiple brands. We created a digital analytics dashboard that runs on a 52" television display in the Unites States headquarters building. It helped the company quickly see digital, search, conversion, social and PR trends at a glance across the large spectrum of brands.

I pair developed the initial release, then took over the entire project on 1.4. I architected the API layer using Apiary, helped architect the database, developed the entire front-end using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, D3 with Riskshaw, CoffeeScript and Stylus.

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Paragon is a simple tool to help your team and your company collaborate on job candidates. I noticed that our company had a slow and unscalable process for communicating and retaining information about job candidates. So, I created a communication tool, with a SaaS platform to sell it, to solve our company's problems. Forget the emails, sticky notes, giant folder of resumes, and let Paragon enable you to breeze through the recruitment process.

I created the solution, designed all of the UI, developed the database in MongoDB, backend API using Node.JS and Express, and developed a SPA/stateless application using Backbone.JS.

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Harvest is a gulp workflow and boilerplate which significantly improves the development process. Gulp has changed the development workflow and build scene in a significant way. Grunt is great, but as projects age, performance of your grunt tasks really takes a hit, but not so with Grunt. Soon after Gulp was released I created a front-end boilerplate and workflow using Gulp and it has continued to evolve, and I named it Harvest.

I architected and built the boilerplate, workflow tasks and build system using and JavaScript. I also designed and built the introductory website for Harvest.

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We use Basecamp as our company's communication tool regarding tasks, but our biggest conflict is how you cannot get an overview by department. Considering we have over 300 projects, a good overview is critical. So, I built a stateless application that combines our internal database of jobs with Basecamp's API to provide management witha simple departmental overview of all of the work we have in the house.

I architected and built the solution using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Basecamp API, jQuery, Browserify, and SCSS.

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Summit Casing

Summit Casing Equipment provides the oil and gas industry with superior quality parts and exceptional customer service. They are quickly becoming one of the leaders in their industry by having the most reliable and fast customer service and response among their competitors. Given that a large portion of their audience are on the field, we needed to convey all of the benefits and superiority of Summit Casing quickly and easily across a range of devices.

I did the front-end development for this specific project. This project was built using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery and my Gulp boilerplate. Created under Warren Douglas.

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Sunmade Diner

A fake local vegan restaurant I created as an personal side-project to improve my interactive design, responsive web design, and SASS skills. Although I made myself hungry making it!

I created everything myself. I created the beautiful logo, all of the design, information architecture, copywriting, HTML, and SCSS.

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Think About Your Eyes

A nationwide campaign to promote eye health awareness. It is a very public campaign to increase the public's awareness to really consider their eyes as part of their annual health routine. Our goal was to rebrand the campaign, and create a simple experience for the large variety of customers that would visit the site.

I did much of the user experience analysis and creation. I conducted user interviews, 5 second tests, and other audience testing and also consolidated the resulting data. I also co-developed the HTML, CSS and Rails backend as well as designed and pair developed the open enrollment system with payment processing to get thousands of doctors across the United States to join the movement. Created under Warren Douglas.

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